Alex Gilmore is a graphic designer working for a wide range of companies accross the world. He specializes in web user interface and user experience always keeping to a modern and simplistic design.

My name is Alex Gilmore

and I'm a Graphic Designer.



I love to design using typography, images and layout.

In other words, I specialize in creating simple and beautiful artwork.

My work process:

The most important part of innovating and creating something original is down to

the initial idea.


That idea can be developed and changed into something beautiful and useful. It is great to see a project start and finish with the

main idea at the centre the

whole way through.


This is how the outcome of your project will become successful.

There are two main points to keep in mind when creating the design artwork:


Functionality and appearance. These are most effective when they are simple and beautiful.


Thinking about this when designing elements and features will be the way to help increase clarity and interest when people use your product.

Once the idea has been finalized and the design, it is time to to finish the final product.


It will be at this point that all final changes and tweaks will be made to ensure the end user will not encounter any problems whilst experiencing your product.


Following these steps and pushing the boundaries will create a truly original product.

Thinking of a new project?

1. Idea

2. Design

3. Deliver

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